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Recent News and Articles

Most Popular Breeds

Busy cat owners who like the look of a Persian, but don’t have time for daily grooming sessions, have made the Exotic the most popular cat breed according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) registration statistics.

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Why Cat Love Sleeping in Cardboard Boxes

How many times have you emptied a cardboard box only to find your cat sleeping in the box at a later time? According to a study conducted at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, boxes make cats less stressed because they are less likely to be pestered when hiding in them. Read more...

Featured Breed: American Wirehair

Distinguished by its coat – as the result of a natural mutation, the coat of the American Wirehair is crimped and springy, including the whiskers. The breed was developed from the American Shorthair, so apart from the coat, the two are very similar. Pet owners delight with their quiet, reserved and loving ways.

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Smartest Cat Breeds

What do the Abyssinian, Siamese and Scottish Fold have in common? CFA Allbreed Judge Emeritus and Education Chair, Joan Miller gives her list of top eight smartest cat breeds for Pets 360.

Is your favorite breed on this list?


Featured Breed: American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is America’s own breed, originating from cats that followed settlers from Europe. It is a medium to large breed with a short, thick, hard coat in more than 80 different colors and pattern combinations. This breed is known for its health, good looks, quiet disposition and amiability with children and dogs.

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Protecting Kitty from the Cold Weather

Cold weather can have some serious risks to your cat.

Be sure to check out these tips to keep kitty safe, warm and cozy all winter long.

Cat Fancy Magazine Becomes Catster Magazine

The next issue of Cat Fancy will have a new name and a new look.

While we are sad to see it go as Cat Fancy Magazine ends it run as it celebrates 50 years for those who, “fancy the cat,” CFA welcomes Catster which will serve as,” a voice for all cats and those who love them.”


Check out the Kitten Bowl!

Kitten Bowl II returns to the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 12 Noon. You won’t want to miss this adorable competition.


Featured Breed: American Curl

The American Curls, a California original, are known for their curled back ears with furnishings coming out of the ears. Curls come in two coat lengths with the longhair coat the most popular length. Curls come every color of the rainbow. Both coats are silky, with the shorthair coat being resilient.

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Puppy Bowl, featuring Bissell Kitty Half-Time Show

Forget the Super Bowl! You won’t want to miss this fun-filled, feline entertainment half time show at 3pm on Feb 1, 2015.


Eight Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

If you own a cat, you may recognize some of the advantages to cat ownership such as companionship, keeping your heart healthy and giving insight into your own personality.

Learn more about the benefits of cat ownership.

New Year’s Resolutions from the Cat

You’ll enjoy this entertaining and fun article from the Huffington Post as they discuss your cat’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.

Have a Happy New Year from all of us at CFA!

Featured Breed: American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a medium to large, naturally occurring, bobtailed cat. It possesses a unique natural hunting gaze that combines with the breed’s body type and natural bobtail to give the American Bobtail a distinctive wild appearance. This gorgeous breed comes in both a long and a short coat in all colors and patterns.

Read more about the American Bobtail...

Most popular kitten names of 2014

Bella, Lily, Jack and Charlie are the most popular kitten names of 2014.

Read more from our friends at Vetstreet to find out if your kitten’s name made the list.

Meet the Stars of the first New York City Cat Café

The Meow Parlour opened on the lower east side of Manhattan on Monday, December 15 to rave reviews.

Read all about the café, which also offers cat adoptions.

Rare Cat Breeds

All pedigreed cats are considered to be rare cats. However, read more from CFA Judge Emeritus and Outreach and Education Chair Joan Miller, and our friends at Pets 360, as to which breeds would be popular if they were more well known.

Featured Breed: Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a slender, shorthaired breed, with a ticked coat pattern, like that of squirrels, rabbits and wild cats. One of the oldest breeds, it comes in red, ruddy, blue and fawn. Abyssinians are alert, intelligent, very people-oriented and have been known to train their owners to play with them.

Read more about the Abyssinian...

Happy Holidays from CFA!

Wishing you the all the best this holiday season! Don’t forget to hug your cat!

Read more on ways to take care of your cat in the new year.

These Animals are in the Cat Family

Cats have distant relatives which are known as Feliformia or cat-like.

See if you recognize any of these species of animals which are related to cats?

Keep Kitty Safe this Holiday Season

From tinsel to mistletoe and the tempting Christmas tree.... the holidays can be dangerous for your kitty!

Here are several tips to keep your cat safe from known holiday hazards.

Featured Breed: Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a semi-longhaired cat with soft fur and a distinctive color pattern: a white body with a colored tail and colored markings on the head.

An old natural breed from the Middle East, they have very muscular bodies which portray balance and power. They are very loyal and loving companions.

Read more about the Turkish Van...

Pets in the Classroom Program

Children with limited exposure to animals in their home environment get to connect with the world of animals through the Pets in the Classroom Program. The goal of the program is to demonstrate the benefits of pets through education, support, and interaction through responsible pet care in school. More than 50,000 grants have been awarded since 2011, bringing a pet into the lives of nearly 2 million children!

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Meet Honey Bee: the Blind Hiking Cat

Honey Bee is from Seattle, WA and is a blind cat who beats the odds, maintains a normal life by hiking with her owners and teaching us about overcoming a disability and seeking new adventures.

Read more about Honey Bee....

World Championship Show - Best-In-Show Winner!

Congratulations to the BEST-IN-SHOW Winner of the CFA/Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show in Oaks, Pennsylvania

GC, GP, NW VELVETKIST PACK'N HEAT OF KRIMPURRS is a cream and white Persian neuter, bred by Noralyn Heisig and owned by Beth Holly and Noralyn Heisig

World Championship Show First Runner-Up

Congratulations to the First Runner-Up of the CFA/Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show in Oaks, Pennsylvania

GC, NW WYNTERWYND CLAIR DE LUNE is a Russian Blue female, bred and owned by Annette Wilson

World Championship Show Second Runner-Up

Congratulations to the Second Runner-Up of the CFA/Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show in Oaks, Pennsylvania

GC TOMBROCK'S CHOPIN is a black Exotic male, bred by Salvatore Cuccu and Giovanni Giordano and owned by Salvatore Cuccu, Maria Christina Bertello and Giovanni Giordano

Thanksgiving Tips

Be sure to follow these tips to keep kitty safe this Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for all of our cats and wish everyone - including our beloved felines - a Happy Thanksgiving!

99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative Goal is to Improve Feline Health

Through the 99 Lives Cat Genome Project, cats will have the same health care opportunity as other animals. In an effort to better understand cat health issues, the project looks at genetic conditions of cat diseases such as asthma and obesity so that better treatments can be administered. A side benefit of the project is that it has provided insight about human eye diseases.

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Featured Breed: Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a semi-longhaired cat that originated in Turkey. They are long-bodied and graceful with a fine silky coat. Though solid white is the most well-known color, they come in a variety of additional colors and patterns.

Read more about the Turkish Angora...

Do Cats Really Care What You Want?

Research shows that cats really don’t care what you want. It is very difficult to study cat’s cognitive ability because they do what they want, not necessarily what you want them to do. However, when scientists were able to get the cats to do what they wanted, they performed just as well as dogs.

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Cats Can Help Their Owners Get in Shape

Here are some tips from CFA’s Feline Agility Coordinator on the ways you can enlist your cat to help get you moving!

Keep Your Cat Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun night for everyone. However, for your cat it can be a stressful time.

Here are some precautions and safety tips to protect your cat and keep him safe during this year’s Halloween festivities.

Featured Breed: Tonkinese

Tonkinese are beautiful, medium-sized, surprisingly heavy and muscular cats with short soft silky fur. These cats are people-oriented, social, active and playful, and are also loving lap cats. Tonkinese come in four base colors and three coat patterns for 12 varieties. The coat patterns are varying amounts of contrast between body and points.

Read more about the Tonkinese...

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