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CFA Board of Directors

The affairs of the Association are administered by an Executive Board composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, nine Regional Directors, and seven Directors at Large. The Directors at Large are elected at the Association's Annual Meeting by the elected delegates from each member club. The officers and eight Regional Directors are elected by mail ballot by the member clubs located in their respective regions.

Executive Board Members are experienced cat fanciers who understand the problems with which clubs, breeders, and exhibitors face. The nineteen member Executive Board represents all areas of the cat fancy.

The Executive Board formulates rules regarding the policies and precepts of the organization of which all member clubs are advised after each Board Meeting. Show Rules are compiled in a booklet with periodical changes indicated. Many changes develop from ideas and suggestions by member clubs, whose delegates present them to the membership at the Annual Meeting. In addition, constructive ideas are welcomed for consideration by the Executive Board from other sources.



  • Region 1 (North Atlantic) - Geri Fellerman
  • Region 2 (Northwest) - Pam Moser
  • Region 3 (Gulf Shore) - Steve McCullough
  • Region 4 (Great Lakes) - John Colilla
  • Region 5 (Southwest) - Lisa Marie Kuta
  • Region 6 (Midwest) - Kathy Calhoun
  • Region 7 (Southern) - Jean Dugger
  • Region 8 (Japan) - Edward Maeda
  • Region 9 (Europe) - Pam DelaBar
  • International Division Representatives - Amanda Cheng and Thomas Low


  • Roger Brown
  • George Eigenhauser
  • Dennis Ganoe
  • Carol Krzanowski
  • Richard Mastin
  • Ginger Meeker
  • Annette Wilson


  • Ambassador Cats - Karen Lane, Chair

  • Animal Welfare/Breeder Assistance/ Food Pantry/Breed Rescue - Linda Berg, Chair
  • Awards - Mary Kolencik, Chair

  • Audit Committee - Barb Schreck, Chair

  • Breeds and Standards - Melanie Morgan and Carla Bizzell, Co-Chairs

  • Budget Committee - Barb Schreck, Chair

  • Business Development Team - Finance Committee

  • CFA Cat Agility - Jill Archibald, Chair

  • CFA Community Outreach/Education - Joan Miller, Chair

  • Clerking Program - Cheryl Coleman, Chair

  • Club Marketing Committee - Finance Committee

  • Club Membership - Liz Watson and Carol Krzanowski, Co-Chairs

  • Credentials - Eve Russell, Chair

  • Executive Committee - CFA Officers plus 1 TBA

  • Experimental Formats - TBA

  • Finance Committee - Rich Mastin, Chair

  • Hotel and Travel Program - Rachel Anger, Chair

  • International Division - Richard Kallmeyer, Chair

  • Investment Committee - Finance Committe

  • IT Committee - Dennis Ganoe, Chair

  • Judging Program - Annette Wilson, Chair

  • Legislative Committee - George Eigenhauser, Chair

  • Legislative Group - George Eigenhauser, Chair

  • Management Committee - Ginger Meeker, Chair

  • Mentorship/New Bee - Carol Krzanowski and Teresa Keiger, Co-Chairs

  • National Marketing - vacant

  • Ombudsman - Sharon Roy, Chair

  • Personnel Committee - CFA Officers and Rich Mastin

  • Protest Committee - George Eigenhauser, Chair

  • Publications - vacant

  • Scientific Advisory Committee - Roger Brown, Chair

  • Show Rules - Monte Phillips, Chair

  • Web Oversight Committee - IT Committee

  • World Cat Congress Delegate - Rachel Anger

  • Youth Feline Education Program - Cathy Dunham and Karen Lane, Co-Chairs